The Best Motivational Video Ever

What do Lucille Ball, the Beatles, Ulysses S. Grant, Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, and Abraham Lincoln all have in common?

They all failed.

If you’re feeling down and discouraged, try watching this video. It takes only a little over a minute. It puts a whole new spin on failure.

3 Comments on “The Best Motivational Video Ever”

  1. Thank you! I got chills watching that, and I plan to share it widely.

  2. I teach elementary children and I hear and see them already full of unbelief and despair to suceed, to try, their dreams are full of fears and doubt. A few chosen words, a well placed picture, and gentle encouragement can make all the difference. I find this video an inspiration to challenge them to believe in themselves and dare try again and again and find the winds of faith to stoke the fires of their dreams once again!

  3. sunada

    Yeah! Rah rah! We need more teachers like you!

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