Life Coaching

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How do you want to live your life?

  • By expressing your talents and energies in a more meaningful way?
  • By acting with more confidence, poise, and sense of purpose?
  • By contributing to the greater good of real people and the planet?

We begin with ourselves

In the Buddhist world, those who live to help others are known as bodhisattvas. There’s a classic text for training bodhisattvas by an eighth century master named Shantideva. He talks about using mindfulness to build up inner qualities — like inspiration, confidence, humility, energy, patience, and wisdom. It’s not about doing good.

He points out that we can’t change the world. Or as he puts it, we can’t protect the whole world by covering it with leather. But we can put shoes on our own feet. The only thing we can change is ourselves. And when we stand on our own firm ground, everything else flows from there. Naturally.

My coaching helps you use mindfulness to put sturdy shoes on your feet, so you can then take your positive energy out to the world.

What clients say they gain from my coaching:

  • more clarity and sense of purpose
  • feeling more self-directed
  • ability to stay grounded and steady when facing stress and uncertainty
  • compassion and forgiveness for themselves and others
  • capacity to face life’s ups and downs with poise and grace
  • appreciation for what’s here now, while on their way to their envisioned future

Do you have to be a Buddhist?

The short answer is no. What really matters is that we figure out what makes you flourish as a human being. Like stopping the struggle against yourself, and living from your strengths. It’s all very down-to-earth and commonsense.

Of course, if you want to go into Buddhism specifically, we can do that. But the choice is entirely yours.

Complimentary session

If you’d like to explore coaching further, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary session. I work by phone and Skype, so we can talk no matter where you’re located.

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