Becoming a Buddhist Minister and Mindfulness Coach at 47: Sunada’s Story

I’m very honored to be interviewed on the blog Next Act for Women, featuring women who reinvent themselves in midlife. Thank you to Hélène Tragos Stelian for arranging this. Here’s a link to the full post.

Becoming a Buddhist Minister and Mindfulness Coach at 47: Sunada’s Story

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How to focus in the age of distraction

What a great little diagram!

Thanks to Learning Fundamentals.

Mirror in the Mirror

A friend posted this beautiful piece on Facebook recently, reminding me how much I’m always so moved it. It’s by the contemporary Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. Called “Spiegel Im Spiegel” (“Mirror in the Mirror”), it refers to the infinity of reflections that happen when you have many mirrors reflecting off each other.

It also reminds …

Meditating dogs

This one’s for all you dog lovers out there — and it’s only a minute long. They’re such natural meditators!

OWN Original Shorts: Dogs/MeditationAward-winning photographer Robin Layton brings her eye for beauty and serenity to OWN with a short meant to inspire peace and calm.

A murmuration of starlings

Sometimes nature is just too beautiful for words. This is a chance encounter with a flock of birds who put on an amazing dance of flight.

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

You know you want to knit a sweater for a penguin

penguin sweatersThis was just too charming! And for real, too. It’s to keep oil-soaked birds in New Zealand warm, and keep them from nibbling the oil off their feathers. Any knitters out there game? There’s even a link to full knitting instructions. …

Dalai Lama judges on Australian cooking show!

When the Dalai Lama was in Australia this past month, he sat on the panel of judges for a reality cooking show. My favorite moment starts at 2:40.

The Second Noble Truth (Canine edition, with maple bacon)

Maybe you’ve seen this video already. But I find it so funny I had to post it. Especially since it has a good dharma lesson behind it too! How could I resist?

Video: The Second Noble Truth (Canine edition, with maple bacon.)
From Shambhala Sun
Posted by Melvin McLeod

Continuing my viral-video-and-the dharma-series (See The Dharma of Marcel the Shell), I offer you the Ultimate Dog Tease, brought to my attention by Shambhala Sun deputy editor Andrea Miller. Of course the real reason I’m posting it, for those of you who haven’t seen it, is that I think it’s so funny — I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve probably seen it 15 times by now and it still makes me laugh out loud. But there is a teachable dharma moment here.

For a few good laughs

Continuing my tradition of posting things that have nothing to do with anything other than a good laugh — here are a couple of my recent favorite short videos.

What do you suppose a bear does in the woods when he thinks nobody’s looking?

Japan watching

I have family in Tokyo. So I’ve been glued to the news for the last few days. The short version of the story is that my family is safe, thank goodness.

I got an email from my brother first thing Friday morning (the night of their quake day). He was on a skiing vacation north of Tokyo, though on the west coast AWAY from the tsunami side. My 86-year-old mother was home alone in Tokyo, but he had spoken to her by phone and confirmed she was OK. They are now all safely back in Tokyo.

My mother was at the local grocery store when the quake hit. Things literally started flying off the shelves. After the store owner corralled everyone out to the street, a very kind young stranger walked my mother all the way home to her apartment – about a 15 minute walk away. My mom was very grateful.