Morning stillness

morning stilnessI just returned home to Boston from visiting my 90-year-old mom in Tokyo. It’s a 13 hour flip of day and night to travel from one to the other. My body clock is all haywire.

There’s one positive side of jet lag and waking up at …

How to get out of your own way

I used to write and blog regularly – for many years. But then last summer I went through a major house move that totally disrupted my life and brought my writing to a halt.

But that’s mostly just an excuse. I’ll admit it’s inertia and my inner critic that’s getting in my way now. Despite my wanting to do it, I’ve always found it hard to write. And when I fell off my routine, and weeks and months passed, it just got harder and harder to get restarted.

I’m wondering if this sounds familiar to any of you out there. When it feels like YOU are the main thing getting in your way?

What to Do When You Have to Work with Someone You Don’t Like

I thought this was such a helpful article — not just in a work context, but with anyone we find difficult. Rather than focusing on the problems with the person out there, stop and consider what’s being triggered in us. It’s a way to start changing the relationship, beginning with ourselves.


What to Do When You Have to Work with Someone You Don’t Like

Jeff*, like me, is a writer, a speaker, and the head of a consulting company. As far as I can tell, he’s professional, well respected, capable, honest, and has a popular following. Someone we both know has asked us to collaborate on a project and there’s clearly a mutual benefit to our working together.

It all sounds great except for one thing: I don’t like Jeff.

Practice when life gets tough

Sometimes life comes at us full force and overwhelms us. That’s what happened to me the last few months. Things happened that were so overpowering that all my usual routines went out the window just so I could get through each day. My work, my social life – and yes, my sitting practice – pretty much dropped off my plate.

At times like this, people often say, “Life got in my way.” But that’s so not true. This IS my life. Just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s standing in my way. Actually, I think it’s exactly the opposite. It’s showing me exactly where I need to go to push beyond my comfort zone. It’s like a custom designed life lesson created just for me.

What the internet does to our minds

Some words of caution on web surfing, from Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains:

“When you’re constantly taking in new bits of information – as we do when we browse the Web, check e-mail or …

How to focus in the age of distraction

What a great little diagram!

Thanks to Learning Fundamentals.

The Seven Fears of Highly Successful People

This is an excellent post by Martin Murphy about what it takes to live up to our potential. As he puts it, “Your ability to create and experience more success is equal to your potential (which nobody knows), minus the resistance… Successful people experience the same challenges as everyone else but they respond effectively as opposed to reacting out of fear.”

Steps to facing uncertainty and unleashing your potential.
“We all know fear.
But passion makes us fearless”

– Paulo Coelho
The Transformation Age is here and we are all going to have to step up our game. Now is not the time to play small; it is time for amplifying your vision, unleashing your passion, unlocking your potential and going after your dreams.
Success = Potential – Resistance
Your ability to create and experience more success is equal to your potential (which nobody knows), minus the resistance. The resistance can be many things but the biggest challenge humanity faces is fear.

How “letting go” helps us get things done

Joe, a student in my online class, was worried that meditation would hurt his career. He works in a very competitive business where everyone is single-mindedly pushing and driving hard all the time. The whole idea of “letting go” seemed absurd in that context. But at the same time his stress and anxiety levels were sky high. He knew this wasn’t a sustainable way to live.

Yes it’s true that in meditation, we’re told to drop everything and let go. But that doesn’t mean becoming passive and ineffectual. There’s more to this instruction than meets the eye.

Replacing Urban Anonymity with Affection

In the traditional Metta Bhavana (Lovingkindness) meditation, there’s a stage where we bring to mind someone we don’t know very well and imaginatively offer our well wishing to him. I always thought this practice was perfectly suited for us modern citydwellers. We probably encounter many times more people we don’t know every day than those we do.

And so I was particularly pleased to find this post by Emily Herzlin today (the photo credit also goes to her). She blogs about someone who has found a way to talk kindly to complete strangers and not be seen as a weirdo. I’ve actually tried some of these myself. It really works.

Laura Trice suggests we all say thank you

Why are we so reluctant to show our appreciation to others? And why do we feel it’s not OK to ask for appreciation from others? This is a short (only 3 minutes!) lovely TED talk about the power of saying thank you. Why not? …